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BitGold Review: Real Reviews on the Best Gold Payment Method

You are probably here because you have heard the buzz going around the Web about an innovative new investment product and are looking for an honest BitGold Review. That’s one thing you’ll find scattered about our site and that would be honest reviews from real people just like yourself. Unfortunately, it wouldn’t be quite right to review our own product so what we will do is tell you a little bit about it along with what BitGold means to others in an uncertain economy.

A Focus on Accessibility & Security

As the name would imply, BitGold is a way to invest in gold, real gold in bars and cubes. BitGold is not an option but a real investment in the real thing. One of the reasons more people haven’t historically invested in gold is because it has always been cost prohibitive. Gold is a precious metal that is quite expensive due to its rarity and most often has been sold in bars which at the price of an ounce would preclude all but a limited few to accumulate any great amount.

At BitGold you can purchase smaller amounts that belong to you once the transaction is complete and we will hold your gold in a secure setting. Fully insured at 100% of its value, your gold will be held in private vaults in such places around the globe as London, Dubai, Toronto, Singapore and Hong Kong. And the best part of this is that your gold is secured by world famous Brinks which the average investor just couldn’t afford to employ individually. Being part of the BitGold family makes it possible to buy gold in smaller amounts and employ the world’s most famous security firm as part of the ‘package’ at no extra cost to you whatsoever.

Why Invest in Gold? The Bottom Line

When looking for something to invest in, it is said that nothing is as safe as gold and at this point in time, that is probably an accurate statement. Market analysts are forecasting another global recession, but one that will make the crash of 2008-09 pale in comparison. The reason for this is because of how gold is valued. A more complete explanation can be found in “Is It a Good Idea to Invest in Gold in 2016?” but in short, gold is valued relative to the USD, United State dollar. When the dollar is strong, gold is proportionately weak and vice versa.

So putting that fact together with what is being predicted in terms of the US economy, it is safe to assume that the value of gold will do nothing but increase as the recession brings the USD to record setting lows. The earlier you invest in gold, the more likely you are to see a significant profit. Remember, as the dollar devalues, gold gains in value. Now you see why this is a good time to place your money in gold. Even so, that probably leaves you wondering about how you can fund your account once you’ve set it up and how you can get paid if you want to sell (or spend) your BitGold.

Funding and Drawing from Your BitGold Account

One of the most important things you need to know is that BitGold is more than just an investment product. You can also look at it like a savings account which you can spend as you need to or sell if you want to cash out at a higher price than you bought in for. You can fund your account by wire transfer, credit cards, SEPA (Single European Payments Area), Interac or China Union Pay. Once you have set up your account you can add to it as you see fit and you can spend/sell as you want as well.

You also might be interested to know that you can send and receive BitGold in digital format to other members at no cost and you can also take advantage of a GoldMoney prepaid card that you can use at any retailer that takes major debit/credit cards. You can use whatever amount you want from your account and you can also replenish as you want. So, you see, it’s more than just an investment product as it’s like having a high interest bearing savings account and an investment in physical gold all at the same time.

With a questionable global economy, it is never more important than now to find a way to invest money in something that will only seek to gain in value if the economy hits the rocks. With most of the rest of the world tied into major economies like the United States, it is essential to arm yourself in the event that the dollar bottoms out. Gold will always have value and is seen as a safe investment, especially in troubled economies. Simply by checking out a sampling of the honest BitGold Reviews we’ve posted around our site you will see that other like-minded investors are arming themselves for the fall which most analysts believe is coming in the very near future.

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