Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Investing In A Gold Bullion

In today’s market, many investors are scurrying around for a safe investment platform because there are rumors that the economy is headed for a major collapse at some point in 2016. While there will always be doomsayers and those who predict the worst, even in a bull market, there is growing agreement among market analysts that China’s recent problems will soon be affecting global economies. This honest BitGold review is intent on offering a bit of wisdom on why investing in a gold bullion can offer the security you need now and in the event that another crash like the one experienced last decade should occur.

Why Investing in a Gold Bullion Is a Sound Decision

a man holding a gold bullionFor as long as there has been recorded history, mankind has been fascinated by gold. This most stable of the noble metals was used in worship rituals, the adornment of burial crypts, jewels for kings and queens and yes, as currency to buy and sell goods. To some, the value of gold is way over inflated, yet to others, gold is a precious commodity upon which every currency should still be based. Yes, it has been over a century since the Gold Standard was in effect in the United States and elsewhere, but gold is still the currency that will survive any financial storm that heads this way.

A Historical Perspective on Gold Valuation

Once the true value of gold is appreciated, it is important to decide on a method of investing that suits your strategy. Some investors are savvy enough to dabble in futures and options but investing in a gold bullion is by far the safer alternative. You will be buying real gold as pure as it comes and this precious metal will not soon lose any allure or real value. Over time there may be a few dips in the road but overall, gold will continue to gain value if left to sit in the vault without being borrowed against or sold. In order to get a visual image of this continual rise in the price of gold over time, consider that gold was selling for approximately $220 USD in 1970. Five years later gold was valued at $453 while just six years after that it reached an all-time high at $1600 in 1981.

Over the next 19 years, gold began its descent to $354 in 2001 and then began climbing again to where it is valued today in 2016 at a spot of about $1250 per ounce. Although gold is not valued yet at that record-setting $1600 per ounce that it was valued at in 1981, analysts believe it is headed that way and more quickly than previously expected. With a decline in the economy as was experienced in the late 1970’s, gold will continue to gain in value until it reaches well beyond that $1600 mark. In fact, there are many analysts who feel that gold will reach the $2,000 mark by year’s end.

You Don’t Need a Small Fortune to Invest in a Gold Bullion

One of the real benefits of looking at BitGold reviews and in visiting the BitGold.com website is to get a look at a gold investment platform that doesn’t require you to have huge amounts of money to invest. At BitGold you can buy gold in increments as small as a 10gm cube and over time it will potentially grow by half again as much in value. That time is said to be short-lived because this is the year the economic climate is set to spiral downwards more quickly than could have been anticipated even just last year.

If you are looking at investing in a gold bullion, check out the BitGold website, read an honest BitGold review on the site and then check out how you too can make an affordable investment to safeguard your future. The United States currency may soon deflate but gold will continue to rise. Investing in a gold bullion is always a sound investment but in today’s market that is nothing more secure.

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